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Plant & Tool Hire

Click on a heading below to see the range of items we stock. If you can't find the item you are looking for please contact us for further details.

For daily and weekly rates please call us on 01229 861475 or click here. Reduced rates for long term hire are negotiable.

8 Tonne Digger

6 Tonne Digger

6 Tonne Dumper

5 Tonne Dumper

2 Tonne High Tip Swive

Muck Truck

5 Tonne Digger

4 Tonne Digger

3 Tonne Swivel Skip Dumper

3 Tonne Tracked Dumper

Riddling Bucket to suit 4/8 tonne digger

3 Tonne Tracked Dumper

3 Tonne Digger
3 Tonne Dumper
Riddling bucket to suit 2.5 Tonne - 8 Tonne Digger
2.5 Tonne Mini-Digger
2 Tonne Dumper
3/4 Tonne High Lift Tracked Dumper
1.5 Tonne Mini-Digger
1.5 Tonne High Lift Dumper
Post knocker to suit 1.5 - 2.5 Tonne Digger
1 Tonne Micro-Digger
1 Tonne High Lift Dumper
Post Knocker to suit 4 Tonne Digger
Breaker (for mini diggers) all sizes
40mm Core Drill
Hydraulic Breaker
55mm Core Drill
Electric Demolition Hammer
80mm Core Drill
Drill/Breaker (med. duty)
100mm Core Drill
Heavy Duty Electric Drill (110v)
125mm Core Drill
24v Cordless Drill
150mm Core Drill
Electric Pavement Breaker
Auger to suit 1.5 - 2.5 tonne digger

90cfm Compressor

Needle gun

Mag drill

Breaker to suit compressor

Angled cordless drill


Plaster board mixer
Material lift
Builders Wheelbarrow
Cable detector
250 gal water bowser

Rotating Laser Level

Carpet stretcher
Block & Slate Elevator
Site Level
Block Splitter
Plaster Mixer
Power Float 600mm
Power Float 900mm
Pan for Power Float
110v Poker

Diesel Site Mixer
Petrol Mixer
Electric Mixer


Petrol 2" Poker
Magic Screed
Bull Float


Plate Compactor
Diesel Forward & Reverse Plate Compactor
Trench Wacker
Petrol Pedestrian Roller
Diesel Pedestrian Roller
Breaker to Suit Roller

800 Ride on Roller
1200 Ride on Roller


Petrol Generator (2.2 KVA dual voltage)
Transformer (3 KVA)
Transformer 5 KVA
Petrol Generator (3.5 KVA dual voltage)
110 Volts Splitter Box
Extension lead 110V
Petrol Generator (4 KVA dual voltage)
Tripod Floodlights
Extension lead 240V

Welder (140 amp air cooled)

6 kva diesel generator
12 kva diesel generator

Lighting Tower

10 kva transformer


6KVA Generator

Petrol welder generator


Herras Fencing (panel, clip & block)
Scaffold Plank
Road Signs
Three Stage Ladder (21ft)
Cable Detector
Road Cones
Aluminium Scaffold Tower
Cable Detector Genny
Road Plates
Strong Boy
Acrow Prop (4 ft)
Pedestrian Barriers
Rise & Fall Trestle
Acrow Prop (6 ft)
Hoarding Panel (panel, clip & block)
Block & Tile Elevator
Reflective Pro Barriers
Road Forms

Plastic Trench Plates
Rubble shoot
Tipping skip
Towable Cherry Picker
All Terrain Cherry Picker

Trench prop (2ft)
Acro prop (8.5ft)
Acro prop (11ft)
Scissor Lift

Young man boards
Roof ladder
Pallet truck


Petrol Rotivator
Petrol Garden Hoover
Turf Cutter
Petrol Hedge Trimmer
Petrol Garden Blower
Brush Cutter
6" Wood Chipper (towable)
Chain Saw
Rotary Petrol Lawnmower
Long Reach Hedge Trimmer
Lawn Scarifier
Multi Purpose Sprayer

Grass Mulcher

Log Splitter
2 Man Auger

Long Reach Chainsaw

Weed Burner/ Roofers Torch


Saw Horse
Back Pack Sprayer


Power Planer
Orbital Sander
Worktop Jig
Router 1/2"
Sash Cramps 36"
Nail Gun (gas powered)

Belt Sander

2nd fix nail gun

Laminte Trimmer

Workshop compressor

Palm sander


Carpet Cleaner
Industrial Hoover
2" High Speed Water Pump

Puddle Pump

Light duty hoover
Electric cold water pressure washer

3" High Speed Water Pump

Petrol cold water pressure washer


2" Submersible Pump

3" submersible pump


Drain Snake
Pick Axe
Trolley Jack
Stand Pipe
Drain Plugs (various)
Post Hole Digger
Bolt Cropper
Crow Bar
Turfer Winch
G Clamp
Sledge Hammer
Pipe Bender

Tyrolean Machine

Drain rods
Pipe clamp

Earth Tamper

Manhole lifter


Post Knocker

Chimney sweep brushes


1.5 Tonne Plant Trailer

3 tonne plant trailer

2.5 Tonne Tipping Trailer


Floor Saw
Angle Grinder 230mm
Compound Mitre Saw
Petrol Disc Cutter 12" & 14"
Angle Grinder 115mm
Electric Tile Cutter

Disc Cutter Trolley (for above)

Water Sprayer for petrol disc cutter
sliding compound mitre saw


bench tile cutter
metal cut off saw

Petrol Saw Bench

reciprocating saw


Propane Space Heater
Wallpaper Stripper
Cabinet Heater
25 ltrs Dehumidifier
Gas Heater
Fan Heater
50 ltrs Dehumidifier
Infrared Heater
Infrared Ceramic Heater
Carpet Dryer
Diesel Space Heater


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